Introduction about Master’s of Art’s (English)

MA in English will provide a strong, in-depth foundation in British and American literary works, after which you can tailor the program to your interests. Traditional and nontraditional course topics in the master’s in English online range from Shakespeare, Victorian literature and the Renaissance to Romantic literature, American modernism, and gender and multi-ethnic studies.

Acceptance decisions are made on a rolling basis throughout the year for our five graduate terms. You can apply at any time and get a decision within days of submitting all required materials. To apply, simply contact an admission counselor, who can help you explore financial options. Your counselor can also walk you through the application process, which involves completing a graduate application and providing undergraduate transcripts.

Career Outlook

A master’s in English online opens up many career possibilities, including writing and teaching. Graduates with an MA in English also work in publishing, public relations, marketing, communications, editing and research.


The MA in English curriculum is designed to strengthen your skills in the critical analysis of literature and provide a broad understanding of literary traditions. Our courses are taught by accomplished instructors who are dedicated to your success.

The MA program provides broad training in literature, language, and theory for a mix of students, ranging from teachers and other professionals in the greater Washington DC/Baltimore metropolitan area, who are well served by the terminal MA, to aspiring scholars who regard the MA as a step toward the PhD. MA students who are employed as professionals outside the University are permitted to pursue the program on a part-time basis.

Introduction about Master’s of Art’s (Economics)

MA degree program you will gain knowledge of economic theory and improve your ability to apply this theory to economic problems. Graduates are qualified to read and judge other’s research and to conduct their own, either individually or as members of research teams in government or business. They are also prepared to write policy analysis articles.

Many students benefit from Mason’s proximity to the resources of the Washington, D.C., area. Graduates move on to successful careers in policy institutes and non-profits, as well as the public and private sectors.

The MA degree is a self-contained course of study for students who are not planning to pursue the PhD program at George Mason University. Students who plan to pursue the PhD degree should apply directly to the doctoral program. They can earn a master’s while pursuing the PhD.

The economics MA is noted for its emphasis on comparative institutional analysis and its concentration on the relationships among economic, political, and legal institutions. The specific areas associated with the department include experimental economics, Austrian economics, public choice, constitutional political economy, law and economics, and new institutional economics. The program strengthens students’ knowledge of economic theory and improves their skills in applying the theory to economic problems. Graduates are qualified to read and judge other research and conduct their own, either individually or as members of government or business teams. They are also prepared to write policy analyses. Students who plan to pursue a PhD in economics should apply directly to the doctoral program.

1. Teaching Methods

2. Type of Skills Acquired

3. Socially-Centric Business Approach

4. Career Prospects

5. Grounds for Innovation

i) The candidate should have passed any degree other than BFA and BAOL of any university recognized by GITAM University as equivalent thereto.

ii) The candidate should have appeared for GAT examination conducted by GITAM University. Admissions to the programme shall be made on the basis of the rank obtained in GAT subject to the fulfillment of the eligibility criteria.





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  • APDEN101  :       British Poetry
  • APDEN102  :      British Drama
  • APDEN103  :      British Novel                                   
  • APDEN104  :      Aspects of Language
  • APDEN105  :      Literary Criticism and Theory
  • APDEN201     :   American Literature
  • APDEN202    :   Indian English   Literature
  • APDEN203    :   New Literature in English
  • APDEN204    :   Australian Literature
  • APDEN205    :   American novel


  • APDEC101      :  Micro Economic Analysis
  • APDEC102      :  Macro Economic Analysis
  • APDEC103      :  Economics of Growth&Development
  • APDEC104      :  Indian Economic Policy
  • APDEC105      :  Research Methods in Economics
  • APDEC201      :   Financial Institutions& Markets
  • APDEC202     :   Economics of Social Sector & Environment
  • APDEC203     :   Public Economics
  • APDEC204     :   International Economics
  • APDEC205     :   Labour Economics