About Us

Spark Correspondence Institute is one of the largest self-explanatory  best  distance education institute in Bangalore, India. The information society of the 21st century combined with expanding boundaries of business and knowledge have created the unprecedented need for managerial manpower. Having sensed this new need, the younger generation of the 21st Century is indicating their increasing interest in equipping themselves with professional knowledge and skills in various areas of management to meet the galloping demand for managerial professions. They are in search of right opportunities to transform themselves into high quality managers. At the same time, they also have a strong desire to earn and learn. Having perceived this trend, the educational institutions in India have come up with a provision for professional managerial education. The Spark Correspondence Institute Bangalore is one such institute that was founded in 2009 by young professionals to providing the younger generation satisfying opportunities to acquire and master the managerial knowledge and skills with a difference.

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Our Vision

The Vision of the Spark Correspondence Institute is, “Be an Indian Business Academy, constantly moving towards transforming the young learners into innovative and ethical professionals in managing organizations and people”.

Our Mission

Our goal is to give the society the best education through Correspondence courses and distance education for lakhs of students to fulfill their dream in life. It is our ambition to give the students the best educational experience.
We at Spark Correspondence Institute help students in many ways. We make sure that the student is not left ignored and will lead to excel in his/her studies that will suit individual needs.

Our Values

Spark Correspondence Institute seeks to realise its mission and achieve its vision consciously following well defended values;

1) Spark Correspondence Institute believes that the contemporary generation has a strong desire for knowledge acquisition relevant to pursue their career and meet professional concerns in which their endeavour need to be enabled.

  2) Spark Correspondence Institute  is committed to provide a quality learning process and environment to each & every student so that he/she develops critical thinking and analytical abilities to creatively manage organisations and the people.

3) Spark Correspondence Institute  believes that every student is unique and desirous of developing and sharpening his/her knowledge, skills, abilities and wisdom. He/she only needs the opportunities and a learning environment.

  4) Spark Correspondence Institute  considers every student equally important but differentiated only by his merit, interest and creativity.

   5) Spark Correspondence Institute  respects its students’ community and the people who make the Academy an           Institution of difference.

Distinctive Features of the Spark Correspondence Institute

Any individual or authority coming in continuous contact with it would identify the distinctiveness of the Spark Correspondence Institute by its distinguished, experienced and highly dedicated Faculty engaged in motivating the people seeking to learn from them by providing them personal attention, high quality infrastructure, well stocked library, high quality research backing the pedagogy, industry involvement ensuring concurrent work experience, and remunerative job placements to the graduating student community of the Academy.