10TH ( SSLC)


Secondary Course

This Course is equivalent to the Xth standard. You can choose subjects from the Scheme of Studeies given in Table-. However, you will be required to successfully complete a minimum of five subjects with atleast one language or atmost two languages, which is compulsory for certification.

Scheme of Studies

The Scheme of Studies for Secondary and Senior Secondary Courses is shown in Table-1. For obtaining a pass certificate, you are required to pass in a minimum of five subjects including one or maximum of two languages from Group ‘A’ and other three or four subjects from other Group. However, you are free to take upto two additional subjects. Thus, in all you can choose a maximum of seven subjects

  • To provide professional advice to the Government of India, and to the States, regarding proper development of Open and Distance Learning system at school level in response to requests from the concerned Government/s or suo moto.
  • To develop need based Academic and Vocational Education Programmes for livelihood and lifelong learning up to pre- degree level.
  • To attain excellence in developing quality Open and Distance Learning curricula and courseware for learners.
  • To accredit institutions for developing effective learner support system to facilitate learning learning up to pre-degree level.
  • To strengthen the Open and Distance Learning system through Research and Development activities.
  • To promote open schooling at national and global level by networking, capacity building, sharing of resources and quality assurance.

Any educational transfer certificate & age must 15 years

  • Transfer Certificate
  • Aadhar Card
  • 10 Passport Size Photographs

Yearly two batch.

I) April

II) October

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Course Structure of Secondary School (10th Std)

  • Hindi         (201)
  • English     (202)
  • Bengali     (203)
  • Urdu         (206)
  • Sanskrit   (209)
  • Marathi   (204)
  • Telugu     (205)
  • Gujarathi (207)
  • Kannada  (208)
  • Punjabi    (210)
  • Assamese  (228)
  • Nepali        (231)
  • Malyalam  (232)
  • Oriya.         (233)
  • Arabic        (235)
  • Persian      (236)
  • Tamil         (237)
  • Mathematics (211)
  • Accountancy (224)
  • Home Science (216)
  • Psychology (222)
  • Social Science (213)
  • Science and Technology (212)
  • Economics (214)
  • Painting (225)
  • Information cultural and Heritage (223)